The FGMA welcomes the launch of the Future Homes Standard Consultation.


Future Homes Standard Consultation

The FGMA supports the launch of the Future Homes Standard Consultation but feels that not improving the overall fabric of newly built homes is a missed opportunity to reduce energy demand and bills for homeowners and tenants.  The fabric-first principle remains fundamental to improving the performance of all buildings.

However, the Future Homes Standard is an important step that will nevertheless improve the performance and quality of England’s new homes, helping to reduce carbon whilst enhancing the wellbeing of home buyers and families.

The proposed new Home Energy Model relies on accurate product and material performance data. 

In the window and door industry, the current methodology to calculate U-values uses a ‘reference’ window size and configuration.  This allows a comparison to be made between different window and door products, but it means that the U-value and other performance data is not representative of the actual windows and doors currently being installed in new homes.

What is needed is a methodology that provides more accurate performance data.

The FGMA supports the proposal that U-values of windows and doors should be calculated based on the actual size and configuration of the windows and doors being used.  It will give greater confidence to housebuilders, developers, homeowners and tenants, and contribute towards closing the ‘performance gap’ between as-designed and as-built constructions.

The FGMA will work with industry partners to evolve the current methodology in order to fully support the objectives of the Future Homes Standard.